To the patrons, guests, and friends of LOCOCO HOUSE II BED & BREAKFAST, I thank you.

It has been my sincere pleasure to serve you for 29 years. For nearly 65 years I've been in the foodservice/hospitality industry. These years as owner and host of Lococo House Bed & Breakfast have been the most rewarding in my career, but it is time to hang up my apron and embark on retirement.

SI have opened my door to some of the most interesting people, from around the world to down the street. This business has shown me that so many people in this world are kind, thoughtful, honest, and trustworthy. It is through this business I have learned about other cultures and lands, the joys that people experience. and the challenges they endure. I have laughed and cried, been there to listen, and have been invited to share in family fun.

The sign on the door says, “Enter as guests, leave as friends.” It’s a statement that has proven to be true. I’ve developed some extraordinary friendships over the years, friendships that have enriched my life beyond words.

While I am hanging up my apron at Lococo House II, my door at Lococo House III remains open. Breakfast, lunch, or afternoon tea will always be available to my friends.

Life is full of changes. Exciting, fun, and sometimes a little scary, I’m looking forward to the changes retirement will bring. Again, I thank each and every one of you who have been a character in the wonderful chapter of my life as your host at Lococo House Bed & Breakfast.

(LOCOCO HOUSE II BED & BREAKFAST, 1309 N Fifth Street, St. Charles, MO will close May 9, 2020)

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